4th September 2014

As you will now know, particularly if you are a Prep parent, we have now got several new ‘portals’. Once everyone is familiar with how these work, this will ensure that parents can have visibility and access to information on every aspect of their child’s school day, from sports fixtures to activities, school reports to curriculum information.

We have worked with two providers for these portals, ISAMS – our school information management system, and Schoolssports.com – a company that work with the majority of HMC and other independent schools to provide effective fixtures and sports information management.


The Sports Portal – this does not need a log in, it is now live, and is populated with all fixtures, and at an appropriate time in advance of the match, will have teamsheets, fixtures information and other useful information for all our fixtures.  Usefully, each match will have a map of the location, and we will be able to ‘spy’ on our opponents by seeing their recent match results.  This is available in the bottom navigation bar, and is entitled ‘Sports Portal’.  Further details on using the system can be found here – Our Sports Website

The Options Portal – through this, you can see and choose Options from the range on offer, for your children.  This is available in the bottom navigation bar, through the section entitled Parent Portal.  This has been changed now to house both Options and Parents (academic information portals), but these are separate entities.

The Academic Information Portal – as detailed above, this is hosted in the Parent Portal section of the website, and details of this will be sent out shortly.  Please note that due to these being hosted by separate organisations, it will unfortunately not be possible to use the same log in for both.  This section of the site will enable parents to access academic information, such as set details, historic reports, and curriculum information.


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