Bonfire – tonight!

7th November 2014

Arrangements for Prep children are as follows:

With the exception of Bloodhound there will be no Options  today – we are expecting all children to stay in school for a supervised prep session from 4.45 and then to go for tea.

  • Following prep and tea, there will be a safety briefing for all Prep children in the chapel, at 6.30pm which will finish at 6.40pm.
  • At 6.40pm, Juniors and Thirds return to form rooms where parents will be able to pick children up and then please sign them out in the Junior Foyer.
  • Pupils in Fourths and above will gather in the Gallery and North Entrance and then are to be signed out from North Entrance by Parents.
  • Boarders will be with houseparents.
  • The bonfire will be lit at 7.00pm, and the Firework display will start at 7:20pm. The whole event will finish at around 7:40pm.

Pre-Prep families should arrive in good time to park.  We look forward to seeing you at this great BG event.


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