Book Week – Visiting Author & Storyteller

13th October 2015

Last week saw a plethora of books and all things literary including visits from author Julia Golding (who also writes under the pseudonym of Eve Edwards and Joss Stirling) and storyteller John Harris. The latter is well known to the school from his many visits but it is still such a pleasure to hear how much he enjoys his visits to BG. The stories are ever-changing and become more and more frightening as the children reach the Upper School. However, it is no mean feat to keep 70 eleven to thirteen year olds enthralled for a whole hour and the scene could have been from prehistoric times; man listening and enjoying stories round a fire in a cave!

Julia came from Oxford to tell the children how she writes her books by using what is known in the film industry as a ‘Mashup’ –  an accumulation of choosing different pieces of music for her characters and different objects for her plots and even mixing up story genres. Her talk was brought to life by film clips, anecdotes and the stunning covers for one series of her Joss Stirling books which was illustrated by Johanna Basford (the creator of the Enchanted Forest/Garden colouring books for adults.)

Jayne Daly created wonderfully colourful displays with the children’s help and ran a very successful Scholastic Book Fair with help from FAB mothers as well as running her Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner competition. Great fun was had by all which is the aim of Book Week… as well as raising the profile of the written and spoken word.


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