Repton Challenge

13th October 2015

A team of 6 from 5th Form: Ella Woodrow, Kieran Bedi (chief engineer), Jonty Smith, Rebecca Cooper, Samuel Brodie and Peter Crews had great fun on Sunday with Mrs Knox at the Repton challenge. This was a competitive event hosted by Repton school and run by Rolls-Royce. The overall theme of the day was to provide relief for refugees.

Stylishly dressed in white boiler suits, their first task was to make a water tower. With points awarded for team work and design their tower, made out of paper, art straws and paper clips, had to stand over 1m tall and support a small and then large cup of water for over a minute. Ours was one of only 3 towers which could hold the small cup, but it buckled under the weight of the large cup of water.

After lunch the team built a cardboard vehicle, trying hard to use minimal materials as points were deducted each time extra supplies had to be purchased. Peter Crews was the expert ‘driver’- he had to pull the car over a tricky assault course to deliver rice in a lidless cup to a village of refugees. Despite the car falling over several times, which was hilarious to watch, the clever engineering meant only some of the rice was spilt and the car and its design came 3rd place, winning Bilton Grange 3rd place overall. Well done to the team!


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