Pupils delight at the informal concert

18th November 2015

Our second Informal Concert of the year saw a staggering 35 soloists and three ensembles perform to a packed Pugin Library on Monday 16 November. With so many in the audience, half of the library was turned into a green room for performers, who were nonetheless still able to share in the inspiration of the performances.

The repertoire and instrumentation were truly varied, with a great number of brass players mixed in with flautists, saxophonists, clarinettists, violinists, cellists, pianists and vocalists. The excellent solo performances sandwiched three impressive ensembles: Junior Woodwind, Senior Woodwind and Saxophone. Perhaps the non-musical highlight was when the Saxophone Ensemble donned era-appropriate headwear to play the James Bond Theme.

Congratulations to all of the performers who worked so hard and to their teachers for excellent preparation. We are most grateful to Miss Ruth Sellar, Mrs Alison Grundy and Mrs Jan Newman for providing piano accompaniment to pupils, and again to the latter two for conducting their ensembles so convincingly. We look forward to the next concert in January, when we expect the standard of playing to continue its trajectory of improvement.

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