Brownies and Guides support Guide Dogs at the Christmas Fair

1st December 2015

Dog themed goodies were on sale at the Guides and Brownies stall as they raised money for the Guide Dogs for the Blind at the FAB Christmas Fair. Together they had made dog Christmas presents, bags of dog themed chocolates and shortbread biscuits and ‘Any Occasion’ cards featuring dogs known to Brown Owl and, of course, Huxley, which they sold to attendees, however the best sellers were the dog head shaped chopping boards/ lead hangers and owl trivets made by Ross Garland. A Guide Dog in training popped in to visit; he also returned on Monday to help the Brownies learn more about how Guide Dogs are trained.

Creating the stock and preparing and manning the stall has allowed the Guides to fulfil the service section of their Guide Challenge Badge and has formed a part of the Brownies Disability Awareness badge.

Brown Owl and Tawny Owl would like to say a big thank you to Ross Garland for making the boards, to Auntie Owl and Grand Owl for helping to man the stall and in the meetings with the preparations and to the girls for their hard work. Cards and boards are still available if you missed them.


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