Stargazing LIVE!

19th January 2016

An exciting and memorable, if very chilly, evening was spent stargazing with Mrs Lamont and Andrew last Wednesday.  The window of opportunity couldn’t be missed as the clouds dispersed and darkness fell.  Fortified by hot sausage rolls, chocolate banana rockets and hot chocolate, we ventured outside with every conceivable hat, scarf, glove, fleece blanket and coat available.  The waxing crescent moon afforded the children a wonderful sight of the craters on  the moon when viewed from the telescopes.  As the darkness deepened we were able to see Polaris, the Big Dipper or Plough, Cassiopeia (complete with a story) and Orion.  We identified Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice!) spotted some ‘baby’ stars and even a nebula. We had been hoping to see Comet Catalina before it disappeared from view never to be seen again but unfortunately Rugby provided too much light pollution – apparently pre dawn would have been the best time to view it.

Did you know…we are closer to space than the seaside in Rugby?


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