10th February 2016

Way, way back, many centuries ago, not long after the bible began, BG Juniors started rehearsing for their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Mrs Penrose and Mrs Osiatynski had a dream – any dream – and it came true on Friday 5 February at 6.30pm in the Ravenscroft.


An unexpectedly large audience meant that we had to close every door before the show started, and as the light was dimming, the band struck up with a crash of drums from Mr Gammon, and colourful harmonies from Mr Noble, Mr Pham and Mrs Hall, all directed from above by Mr Penrose. The singing from the Juniors was spectacular, and all bowed down before the star of our Joseph, Peter. Wandering along by the banks of the river, we found the Pharaoh channelling Elvis in the form of Calvin, surrounded by screaming fans. The rest of the story was carried beautifully by all the Juniors, and the show finished in a splendour of colour, coat unfurled.


Congratulations to the Juniors on a wonderful performance, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was remarkable how well everybody had learnt their words, developed their characters, and grown as singing actors. Special thanks go to the technical and backstage crew, including Mrs Phillips, Mr Scholes, Crispin, Daniel, Sam and Klim, as well as to the parents and staff who contributed to costumes, props, set construction and technical support: Mrs Gomersall, who made Joseph’s sparkly coat, Mrs Wylie, Mr Romanow, Mrs Brumpton, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Dodsley, Mr Pham, Miss Murch, Miss Verfaille, Mr Green, Mrs Grindal, Mr Green and Mr Taylor. Finally, thank you to the appreciative audience of parents, siblings, friends and relatives, who responded so well to the spectacle, laughing and crying at all the right moments.


For some wonderful photos, see the gallery here.



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