Ground Control to Bilton Grange

1st March 2016

Our Year 3 Pupils were over the moon when they skyped astronaut Greg Chamitoff. Greg, a former NASA Astronaut who had the honour of doing the final spacewalk to complete the building of the International Space Station (ISS) in 2011, is now working with the Lunar Missions Trust, the charitable Trust behind Lunar Mission One.

Before the call the pupils watched a video from Greg’s last mission and spent time considering the questions they wanted to ask Greg about life on the ISS. As well as asking about the most dangerous part of the mission and whether Greg was scared when he began his space walk, the pupils also asked practical questions about life on board the ISS such as do you have a wardrobe? What was your favourite space food? How do you get rid of rubbish? Greg explained astronauts limited clothing range – one Tshirt every two weeks – and that with 16 countries involved in the ISS there was a broad range of cuisine available including his favourite, Mexican Chicken Fiesta. He also said that getting rid of rubbish was a real problem that was only solved when an unmanned supply ship took away their rubbish after unloading their supplies; rubbish removal would be a real problem on a mission to Mars.

Asked how they might become astronauts, Greg said that they should study hard in school, do their best and pursue their passions. He explained that it was the Apollo launch that had inspired his dream to become an astronaut.

Head of Pre-Prep, Adrian Brindley said ‘the opportunity for our pupils to talk to an astronaut has been truly inspiring. This call is a pinnacle point in their space project and comes after they have made and launched their own rockets, created moon rock and spent an evening star gazing. We are very grateful to the Lunar One Missions Trust for their support.’

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