Y2 Visit to Holdenby House

15th March 2016

Bilton Grange Pre-Prep and Preparatory School, Top Independent Day and Boarding, Co-educational, Rugby Warwickshire UK

As part of the Year 2 History topic ‘Famous People’, the children had the opportunity of meeting Florence Nightingale first hand! They travelled back in time and visited Holdenby House to experience life as a Victorian, where they participated fully in the tasks of the day including preparing a meal for the soldiers, cleaning duties, and washing and ironing bandages. There was also an opportunity to apply bandages to each other!


The children then travelled further back in time to meet the rather eccentric Samuel Pepys. They enjoyed writing their own diaries, using quills, ink and blotting paper. They decided pencils were much easier and less messy, but not so much fun!


The children were also lucky enough to have an audience with a rather intimidating Queen Victoria and they were certainly very quiet when in her Majesty’s presence. She was very sad as she was in mourning for Prince Albert. She asked the children draw some pictures of the artefacts in the house and to sing a song to cheer her up, and they duly obliged. Queen Victoria was a little happier after that.

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