Peace reigns at Bilton Grange

9th May 2016

Peace Bilton Grange Co-educational Pre-Prep and Preparatory School, Top Independent Day and Boarding School, Rugby Warwickshire UK

Bilton Grange was delighted to welcome General Sir Michael Rose KCB, CBE, DSO, QGM to speak to parents, pupils and invited guests including Richard Dodd, the Mayor of Rugby. Talking on the subject of ‘War and Peace on the 21st Century’, General Sir Michael discussed the difficulties inherent in creating the conditions for peace. He told the assembled audience how important it was to look at the lessons learned from history to maintain peace in the future and spent time discussing 9/11 and America’s post-attack strategy.

General Sir Michael explained that democracy cannot be imposed through military force and instead it had to evolve at the point that all of the various institutions were in place to sustain it. He also discussed the critical role that the United Nations had played in deescalating conflict in the Balkans War.

Moving to current issues, General Sir Michael talked about the war in Iraq and the possible outcomes before taking questions from the floor. With pupils’ questions ranging from whether recent wars could be described as ‘just’ to his views on communism, General Sir Michael was impressed by the level of insight and thoughtfulness displayed.


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