St John’s Museum

24th May 2016

As part of our topic on ‘Homes’, Year One went to St. John’s Museum in Warwick. Firstly the children stepped back in time, in costume, to experience life as children at a Victorian school. They wrote on slates, did morning exercises and had to say ‘Yes Ma’am’ to the teacher. The second part of the session was spent learning about the clothes the Victorians wore. The children enjoyed dressing up in a range of costumes and learning about the materials used. Then they had a wonderful time experiencing the life of a servant below stairs. The children visited a Victorian laundry and all helped to clean the clothes by grating soap, scrubbing collars and cuffs, pumping water and washing clothes in the tub with a dolly peg. They then used a mangle to squeeze the clothes before hanging them out on the line to dry. We had a lovely time, but we were very tired by the end of the session and we all agreed that it wouldn’t have been much fun to be a Victorian servant!


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