Bilton Grange in Barbados!

4th July 2016

Updates from our cricket and netball teams enjoying some great matches (and the sunshine!) in Barbados. More photos are in our Barbados Gallery

Netball Match against the Blackbirds club at the West Indies University campus

The girls played their final netball match on a sweltering afternoon at the West Indies university campus. We played the Blackbirds club who use this great facility to train and play their matches.

This was the first time that we had two completely separate games against two different teams. The first team girls were determined to get another win and they took to the court with gusto. We really did outclass the opposition and stormed ahead from the offset. I made a good few changes throughout the game, which enabled everyone to have a little rest. Zara finally got her eye in and managed to score many goals and every combination I put out seemed to work very well. The girls were in great spirit and, although we had an easy win, it was a very enjoyable game.

The second team played their socks off and were drawing at half time. Once again I moved some girls around and we took the lead. The girls had listened to me over the course of the tour and they proved what a tenacious and hardworking bunch of girls they really are. Everyone played their part and managed to pull off two great victories.  The opposition were lovely girls with great energy and loads of fun. The girls, parents, Mrs Brumpton and I had a really fantastic experience, one that will be with us all for the rest of our lives. A wonderful way to finish our tour girls, I am very proud of all of you!

1st team: 19-4, 2nd team: 9-4

Mrs Murray


Cricket Match – at Isolation Cavaliers

Following a difficult but most sensible decision, four of our players needed to be rested from playing in the match today to allow them the necessary time out of the sun. Although they are all Ok, this time out was crucial to ensure they could play tomorrow and also continue to enjoy the rest of the tour.

Playing at Isolation Cavaliers, on the east side of the island, was a wonderful experience and the journey into the hills was a magical opportunity to see the beauty and vibrancy of the island. The cricket ground and club is steeped in history and memories from touring teams from different nations, clubs and schools were adorned on the walls. A BG heraldic shield showed that we had been played on this special ground before. Having won the toss we decided to bat first and we faced up to some of the fastest and most accurate bowling we had experienced so far. The fact that one boy played for the national team was an indication of the quality of the team and although there was a mixture of ages, some of them were a bit older than our boys. Nevertheless, our boys showed the same ‘BG heart’ that had so impressed me in the last match and stood their ground with courage and determination. We took what we could and tried to punish the rare bad ball to good effect. A few fell foul to playing across the line to a straight ball or taking their eye off the spinning ball but the pick of the batsman were definitely Peter and Sam E who scored a respectable top scores of 12 not out and 9. With wickets tumbling around them they really held the fort and ensured we saw off our 15 over allocation to post a target of 60 to win. Taking to the field with only eight players meant that we knew our task ahead was going to be tough but once again our fielders showed encouragement and enthusiasm to stop the well struck ball or quickly attack the potential single. For a while our eight made a sound start on restricting their total. With such a low score to defend the few fours struck made a big difference and even though George M and Harry bowled very well the bad ball was punished without mercy. The local team scored 61-1 after 12 overs to win the game but the boys deserved to hold their heads up high after such a sterling performance. Special mentions go to Artemii for coming alive in the field, to Jonty for making some positive stops at mid-wicket and to George S for continuing to be such a strong presence in the field.

Our final match beckons tomorrow and hopefully with a full compliment of players we can once again continue to fly the BG flag with pride and teamwork.


Netball Match – St Barnabus

The girls played St Barnabus yesterday. They are the island champions and were a strong team, though very clean and fair players. The girls played well but were not able to match the agility of the local team. The first team lost 13-6, largely because of a rather slow and shaky start. As they got more into the game, Caoimhe and Bea became much more effective in the centre court and Hosanna put in some fine shots, but they weren’t able to dent their initial deficit. The seconds, who continued the match for a further 2 quarters were unable to score, despite some very close attempts by Bunty and Kate, and St Barnabus scored a further 10 goals to secure the win. Zara was chosen by the home team as  netball vs St BarnabusPlayer of the Match.

Last night, the children enjoyed a visit to Harbour Lights where they heard live music and watched fire eaters, stilt walkers and limbo dancers. They even had a brief sojourn onto the stage themselves with Inna doing a brief, and somewhat embarrassed solo, and a whole crowd of children up dancing and singing with the band. Great fun!


Cricket Match against Boscabelle

Our second match of the Barbados tour was a very different affair from our first jet lagged start. With much renewed enthusiasm, determination and improved attitude we sent out to do the lion on our chest proud of our performance. Batting first, we resiliently and with skill battled to keep the straight ball out and attack the wide ball with venom. A very good opening performance from Harry and Lachie helped us to put runs on the scoreboard quickly. Misha was the pick of the batsman who not only stayed at the wicket but also kept the score moving forwards. Supported well by Dominic and Jonty we managed to score a very solid 119 for 4 at the end of 20 overs. We had talked prior to the game about the importance of fielding as a team and ensuring we were prepared to out ourselves on the line to stop the ball. This really was a massive improvement and we defended our total with real determination. Our bowling was more  cricket image1accurate and Peter opened with genuine aggression. The pick of the bowlers was George M who bowled superbly straight and did not give the batsman any pace to use. In what was a close finish the Barbadian team were 19 short of our total and we won our first game of the tour. A superb result in a great game which was well sported by parents on both sides. Well done boys- you now deserve a day off after proving yourself and taking real pride in your performance.


Netball Match – against St. Giles at The Netball Stadium

Under a beautiful Caribbean sun, the BG tourists played their first matches in Barbados against St. Giles at The Netball Stadium. Vocal supporters (on both sides!) added to the atmosphere and the girls were initially a little nervous. Although the matches were played at 4:00pm, it was still hot, but there was no let up as the Bajans love their netball and both games were fast and energetic. The 1st team game started well and after a brief period of end-to-end netball, Hosanna opened the scoring for BG. St Giles attacked back but Bea at Centre was very agile around the court and intercepted effectively. After a lovely long pass from Caoimhe at Goal Defence, Zara added to the score putting BG 2-0 up at the end of the first quarter. St. Giles had obviously had a strict talking-to at the interval, as they opened the second quarter with some strong play leading to their first score; 2-1 to BG. BG attacked, with good linking across the court through Wing Attack Ella, and Hosanna scored; 3-1. St Giles fought back and scored again; 3-2. Dana was warming to her position at Wing Defence and regained possession for BG. Hosanna scored again; 4-2. Bea, despite her diminutive size, intercepted repeatedly with very energetic leaps and Zara was able to put BG into a comfortable lead of 5-2 at half time. In the 3rd Quarter, some lovely powerful passes from Caoimhe into the D allowed Zara to add one more goal to the score and good defence from Inna denied St. Giles any attempts to reduce the deficit. In the last quarter, the visitors pressed home their advantage and with 3 more goals from Zara and another from Hosanna, achieved an emphatic win of 10-2 in their first fixture.


The second team match saw Dana move to Centre and early in the match, she manoeuvred the ball into the D for Bunty at Goal Attack to make an early attempt at goal, but the defence proved too strong. A further attempt by Goal Shooter, Kate also proved unsuccessful and some footwork errors allowed St Giles to keep play down in their attacking third. The home team took the lead 1-0. Despite attempts by Millie at Wing Attack, and Bunty moving well around the court, the St Giles defensive pairing were very good and denied BG any chance to equalise. Obstruction by Caoimhe gave the home side another chance to score and they increased their lead. A change around of positions at the interval saw Millie move to Goal Shoot and she stood strong against a strong St Giles Goal Keeper. Kate, now at Goal Attack, was moving well around the court but her footwork let her down and she was not able to capitalise on BG possession. In the final minute of the game, St Giles pressed forward with an attack to slot in a final goal, bring the final result to 3-0 to the home side.


The girls really enjoyed their first match as overseas tourists and after an exchange of formal gifts, there were the usual teenage chatter and exchange of social media accounts with their friendly hosts.


Cricket -match 1 – against Ignatius Secondary School 

Our first match versus Ignatius Secondary School was a very warm welcome to cricket in Barbados. Bowling first we found it hard to find line and length on a consistent basis and against very strong batting the opposition racked up a very large score in the 25 overs. It was fair to say that the jet lag and acclimatisation to Barbadian conditions was a significant challenge for our boys although wickets were picked up by Sam, Dominic and Harry (bowler of the match). A few dropped catches did not help our cause but it was a reasonable attempt in the field of 30 degrees heat. With the bat we tried hard but against accurate bowling of pace and spin we found it hard to get it off the square. Any attempt to play a bit more cavalier was met by the jingling on the bails disappearing from the top of the stumps. Lachie and Peter got the top score in our team but as they only scored 3 runs each it was indeed a tough day at the wicket. Although we recorded a loss, the experience of meeting new friends and playing in such a wonderful environment meant the whole day was very much a winning experience. The boys are tired and desperate for a swim so the warm sea calls after a warm welcome and a tough lesson of Bajan cricket.



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