The BiG Saturday

16th September 2016

At Bilton Grange we actively review and revise our curriculum to ensure that we offer the best opportunities to maximise our students’ learning.

From September 2017 we will be making a change to our Saturday morning provision to our Juniors (Year 4) which will then follow through to the 3rd Form (Year 5) a year later. We have already developed over the past two years a varied and exciting programme for our Juniors, which we are extending, adding an element of choice, and calling ‘The BiG Saturday’. This will include a combination of sporting and outdoor activity, the creative and performing arts, and also classroom-based curriculum enrichment. There is plenty of planning still for us to do, and we will be providing parents with much more detail during the year, but we are very excited about this programme and what it will offer our pupils.

One significant difference is that this programme will be optional which means that parents can decide whether or not their children take part – just as Year 3 parents do now with the Saturday morning hockey activity. Therefore for those parents concerned about a long week, or the quantity of time spent together as a family, there is now a further element of choice, and we hope that this alleviates the concerns of a few Pre-Prep and prospective parents about compulsory Saturday schooling; of course all core curriculum subjects will be taught Monday to Friday, and we are making this change after a considerable period of research and reflection into the very best educational practice we can offer our pupils. In short, children do not have to attend The BiG Saturday, but we can’t see why they wouldn’t want to!

Children will continue to compete in occasional inter-school sports matches on a Saturday afternoon (these become more frequent as the children get older) and we ask that, if chosen, your child is available to represent the School; they will continue to be able to stay for sports training on a Saturday afternoon from Juniors (Year 4) onwards if they want to, regardless of whether or not there is a match.

We continue to advocate that the incredibly broad curriculum and ‘spaced out’ nature of our six-day week is still very important and beneficial to our older pupils, which is why Saturday school including core curriculum lessons will continue for the 4th Form (Year 6) and above.


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