Boarders’ trip to Warwick Castle

3rd October 2016


On Sunday, the boarders went on a trip to explore Warwick Castle in the beautiful autumn sunshine. They clambered around the battlements, going to the top of the tallest towers and learning how they could use machicolations and take advantage of the ‘killing zone’ to repel attackers. Some found the height rather disconcerting but all appreciated the wonderful views across the county. They watched a medieval archer demonstrating his craft and, much to the concern of the adults present, were taught that famous ‘archers’ salute’ from the field of Agincourt. Armaan’s acting skills rose to the occasion when, to much cheering from his BG friends, he was picked out to take part in a demonstration of how to behead someone with a sword! The children then examined weapons in the Great Hall, visited the waxworks Kingmaker exhibition to learn about 15th century battle preparations and watched the history of the castle unfold in the Time Tower. Finally, they visited the mighty Warwick trebuchet and scoured the site shops to purchase their own mementoes, including a fair smattering of swords.




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