Bosworth Battlefield

9th November 2016

bilton grange prep school bosworth

Last Thursday, the 5th Form children visited Bosworth Battlefield to support their study of the Wars of the Roses in History. They had a guided walk around the battlefield where they learned a lot about the tactics and events of that fateful day in 1485. A medieval Captain then gave them a demonstration of medieval weaponry, with some of the children being asked to help demonstrate such delights as a poleaxe and bladed mace, and the Captain himself describing in gory detail how you could use a pitchfork against an enemy. The medieval archer explained the importance of the longbow in medieval battles and the children got the chance to see if they could pull a longbow themselves – David Bennett proved adept at the task! – as well as examining a crossbow and the intriguing tools used by the barber surgeon to patch up the wounded. Finally, they explored the excellent hands-on Exhibition Centre, where the favourite activity was trying on the extremely heavy chain-mail – quite a few of them had to be helped out of it! No visit is complete without a quick trip to the souvenir shop and we did our best to clear them out of wooden swords, with a well-choreographed sword-fight in the courtyard outside. The children really enjoyed their day and behaved very well – members of the public and the Bosworth staff all commented on what a credit to the school they were.


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