Junior Cantata

7th December 2016

After weeks and weeks of hard work learning twelve songs and hundreds of words, the Juniors delivered an excellent and expressive performance of Jonah-Man Jazz and Swingin’ Samson by Michael Hurd. Narrators speaking between the pieces projected well and brought the story to life. Hanging behind the stage, set in beautiful acoustic of the Pugin Library, was a patchwork whale, which even grew hair for the second half of the concert.

Congratulations to the Juniors for all their efforts to bring their singing to such a high standard. Thank you to the Junior Teachers for wonderful amounts of support and organisation, to the talented band of Mrs Hall, Mrs Newman, Mr Gammon and Mr Pham, to Mr Green for coordinating the marvellous artwork (especially the whale!) and to all the other staff who helped in ways big and small.

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