Rugby School Merger

4th September 2019

Rugby School and Bilton Grange Preparatory School are pleased to announce they will merge in January 2020.

The two nearby schools have enjoyed wide-ranging links for many years, with both sharing a similar ethos and commitment to high standards of teaching and learning.

The new partnership will bring benefits to both, with Rugby School fulfilling its aim to provide an educational pathway from the beginning of prep school to university entry, while Bilton Grange can offer a formal recognised route for the continuity of its pupils’ education.

All pupils will benefit from sharing the two schools’ extensive facilities, with a 400 acre site at Rugby School and 90 acres at Bilton Grange, enhancing co-curricular provision for all.

 Bilton Grange will retain its name and identity, will be separately registered with the Department for Education and have a separate inspection regime. The schools will retain their educational autonomy but the merger will offer opportunities for the development of specialist teaching.

Peter Green, Head Master of Rugby School, said: “For some time, Rugby School has been exploring the possibility of providing an educational pathway from the beginning of prep school to university entry. Bilton Grange, with whom Rugby has wide-ranging links, shares our ethos and commitment to high standards of teaching and learning so we are looking forward to this new partnership.

“Every year many of Bilton Grange’s brightest boys and girls join Rugby for their secondary school years. However, the merger will neither guarantee a place for Bilton Grange children nor prohibit their parents from choosing an alternative secondary school. Our rigorous recruitment process will remain the same for all prep school pupils applying to join Rugby School.”

 Alex Osiatynski, Head Master of Bilton Grange, added: “Merging with Rugby School is a natural progression for Bilton Grange at this time and there will be many advantages for our community.

“Our schools provide a truly rounded education and a pioneering curriculum and this partnership will bring tangible benefits to both, with our extensive facilities and specialist teachers enhancing the opportunities for all pupils. Those parents wishing for a senior school other than Rugby will, of course, still have my support and guidance.”

Both schools, which are financially secure, experiencing growing pupil numbers and looking to further strengthen day and boarding provision, are already collaborating on outreach projects within the local community. A pilot scheme is about to be launched to provide sessions on Saturday mornings to children from local primary schools.

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