Bilton Grange is happy to accept Childcare Vouchers (CCVs) from parents but, as ever, there are rules that must be followed which are covered further below.

Since April 2005 employers have been able to provide CCVs up to a value of £55 per week or £243 per month, free from tax and national insurance contributions as part of a salary sacrifice scheme for employees.

Your employer can provide you with childcare vouchers which can be used towards the cost of qualifying childcare.  The current rates and further information can be found on the HMRC website in the HMRC leaflet “IR115 – Paying for Childcare” which can be found here.

The HMRC regulations are complex and vary between the countries of the United Kingdom.  However, in England, parents can use CCVs in payment or part payment for care provided by the governing body of a school for any pupil up to and including the summer term of the academic year in which the child celebrates his 15th birthday (16th birthday if disabled), if it takes place: outside normal school hours (this means the normal hours of compulsory education adopted by the school as appropriate for the age of the child); and on school premises.

Bilton Grange will therefore accept CCVs for the following:

  • The Boarding element at Bilton Grange, including for flexi-boarding.
  • The After School Club ‘The Den’ at Bilton Grange Pre-Prep.

We are not allowed to accept CCVs for extra-curricular activity that takes place off-site or during the school day.  Neither can CCVs be used to pay for holiday activities run as private enterprises by individual members of staff.  Parents will understand that for reasons of fairness and consistency, we will not accept CCVs for individual music, speech and drama or sports tuition, even if some lessons might take place after the school day.

Ordinary tuition fees for any child aged three (or rising three, which means a child who will be three before the end of term) until 31 March, 31 August or 31 December next after the child celebrates his 5th birthday. This means that, for all children at Bilton Grange who are being taught within their correct National Curriculum Year, you can use CCVs to pay for at least one term of Reception Tuition Fees.  This currently mirrors the (separate) eligibility rules for provision of the Nursery Education Grant.

If you are thinking of joining a voucher scheme, please contact the Bursary before signing up to ensure the fees you are paying qualify and to find out if we are already registered with the voucher company concerned.

Bilton Grange is registered with the following CCV providers, but will accept CCVs from other providers:

  • Edenred (was Accor Services)
  • Care-4
  • fideliti
  • Co-op

Please contact the Finance Manager, Mr Paul Batchelor, if you would like more information by telephone on 01788 818200 or email at