Our Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions competition for Academic and All-Rounder scholarships as an entrance point to the school in Year 7 September 2019 has now closed. If you are interested in participating in this process for admission in 2020 please contact the Admissions team.

Academic Scholarship candidates will sit papers in English, Mathematics, Logic/Reasoning and a General Subject Paper. They will also have the opportunity to be involved in a number of fun academic challenges will require them to apply knowledge, solve problems and use critical thinking.

All-Rounder Scholarship candidates will need to choose 2 disciplines from; Academic, Sport, Music, Art and DT.

Academic – All candidates will undergo the same assessments as for a full Academic Scholarship.

Sport – The school’s main sports are Netball, Hockey and Rounders for the girls and Rugby, Hockey and Cricket for the boys and it is in these sporting arenas that we will consider pupils.

Music – Applications are welcomed from those who want to be fully involved in as many aspects of the music department as possible. We are looking for enthusiastic and talented singers and instrumentalists as members of our choirs, ensembles an orchestra.

Art / Design Technology – Applications are welcomed from pupils with a flair for Art or with a developing interest in design and manufacturing processes. As well as timetabled Art and DT lessons, our pupils have the opportunity to take part in a variety of Options including Dry Art, Sculpture and various Design Technology topics to further develop their talents.

There will be an Assessment Day for the Academic Scholarships and for those applying for an All- Rounder scholarship. For those who have not chosen to pursue an academic scholarship (either in full, or in part of an All-Rounder scholarship) the tests will be in English, Mathematics and Reasoning.  Lunch is provided and we can also organise tours of the schools for parents if required; please let us know in advance.

The award of a full Academic or All-Rounder Scholarship is worth up to 10% remission off School fees and is open to internal and external candidates  in Year 6 to commence in Year 7 the following September. Successful candidates in all disciplines will join our high fliers / scholarship group in Years 7 & 8, with the aim and expectation of preparing for a scholarship to their senior school.

Subject to the completion of a means testing form and subsequent assessment, the Academic Scholarship may be supplemented by Bursary funding; bursary funding is only available to new pupils. More information on financial assistance is available here.

For an application form and information pack for the Scholarship competition please either email Liz Graham in the admissions department or phone on 01788 818246.