Once a place has been confirmed as available, we will invite your child in to school for a taster day.  We aim to make this as easy and as ‘unscary’ as possible; our current pupils love being buddies for a day, for new children, and do a great job of showing the school and helping new children feel at ease.

We do not hold taster days for children joining our Reception class, preferring to hold events during the Summer Term prior to them joining which will familiarise both parents and children with Pre-Prep.

Whilst we are broadly a non-selective school academically, we will assess all new children applying for a place (with the exception of Pre-Reception children, for whom we will ask for a report from their current nursery school) to ensure that we feel they can access the curriculum, and we also ask for copies of their most recent school reports, together with any relevant supporting material.

Whilst on their taster day, children entering our prep department will be informally assessed by our teaching staff, they may also be more formally assessed with brief Maths and English tests at a later date.  We try and keep these tests as low-key as possible, but the results ensure that your child is placed in an appropriate set upon arrival at BG.

We invite children who are going to be boarding at BG to have one or two nights with us in the boarding house, as well as a full day at school.  We recognise that boarding can be a big step for families and children, and a boarding taster often helps alleviate little worries and concerns about what life in the boarding house might be like.

Children coming into Years 1-3 are informally assessed during their day with us, and their teacher may do some reading and maths with them to build up a picture of their abilities.