​An amazing performance of Joseph. Thank you to all of our pupils who performed so magnificently and helped provide technical support for the show.

DSC_0844 (1280x853)  Joseph Feb 2016 17218 (1206x1206)  Joseph Feb 2016 17131 (1226x1226)
 Joseph Feb 2016 17793 (1280x1111)  Joseph Feb 2016 17915 (1280x853) Joseph Feb 2016 17262 (961x1280)
Joseph Feb 2016 17245 (1280x960) DSC_0829 (1280x853) DSC_0841 (1280x853)
 DSC_0750 (1280x853)  DSC_0753 (1280x853)  IMG_2305 (1280x853)
 DSC_0794 (1280x853)  DSC_0775 (1280x853)  IMG_2299 (1280x853)
 IMG_2297 (1280x853)  IMG_2301 (1280x853)  IMG_2298 (1280x853)
 IMG_2308 (1280x853)  IMG_2326 (1280x853)  IMG_2325 (1280x853)
 DSC_0792 (1280x853)  IMG_2320 (1280x853)  IMG_2313 (1280x853)
 IMG_2302 (1280x853)  DSC_0823 (1280x853)  IMG_2314 (1280x853)
DSC_0837 (853x1280) DSC_0763 (853x1280) DSC_0771 (853x1280)
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