Boarding Pastoral Care

The culture and ethos of our boarding community is to be a caring and family focused setting. Our strong pastoral care network runs throughout every element of the boarding environment. In addition to our Head of Boarding and his team of Housemothers, Assistant House parents and matrons there is the wider body of staff at Bilton Grange all of whom play an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of our pupils.


Our number one priority is of course Safeguarding. The Boarding Team have frequent and regular training and keep up to date with new policies and protocols. Each member of the boarding team strives to provide the best for each of our boarders and is accountable at all times.

Through our strong, balanced and caring support network each pupil or member of staff is empowered to raise or follow up questions and concerns as they arise. Our aim is to ensure that each boarder has a voice and feels comfortable and safe in their home from home.

Mental Health

The mental wellbeing of children is of paramount importance. We support our boarders throughout their time at Bilton Grange whether that is to help them overcome challenges, work through emotions or simply find their way. We also prepare them through the learning of life skills and teaching them to be independent, caring and considerate to others. We want our boarders to become ambitious, sensitive and supportive individuals and to strive to be the best they can be. Each child’s achievements and efforts are celebrated, each child is listened to and when additional support is needed we seek specialist help.

Physical Wellbeing

Our boarders enjoy freedom and space during their home time. Weekends are often spent playing on the lawns, in the sports hall or in the swimming pool. On Sundays if they aren’t enjoying an activity somewhere on our wonderful 90 acre estate our boarders will be off site visiting an attraction such as a theme park or museum or participating in a sporting activity.

Just as during the School week, healthy meals and nutritious snacks are served throughout the weekend.