From 5.40pm onwards the children enjoy dinner, with fall-in (registration) for all of our full, weekly and flexi-boarders at 6.25pm before they begin their Options.

Evenings are fun with a fantastic range of Options available to the children with everything from art to zumba, including a variety of sports, design technology, Brownies and Cubs.

From 7.30pm we begin our bedtime routine. Bedtimes are staggered by age groups and after a shower, the boarders all sit in their pyjamas and enjoy a light supper and perhaps even a hot chocolate and socialise with their friends in the boys’ or girls’ sitting rooms. They can then enjoy personal reading time, or even be read to by a member of staff or one of the house mothers if they wish.

Every half term we run a Boarders’ Candlelit Supper where our pupils host Governors, friends of the School and guests from Senior Schools. As well as being great fun, it is also a fantastic networking opportunity for them.