Friends of BG

Friends at Bilton Grange (FAB)

FAB is a committee established in 1999 as an informal, voluntary organisation made up of parents from all year groups across the school. It organises many events every term. Parents are welcome to participate in any way—from helping out at book fairs, digging in the Organic Garden, creating flyers for events or just socialising at FAB events.

The events organised by FAB have raised funds for professional theatre lighting, sofas, conservatory furniture and coffee facilities, Lunar Mission One participation for all pupils and Christmas entertainer for Pre-Prep children. It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you have to offer, FAB welcomes each and every parent’s participation.

A number of families each year come to Bilton Grange from outside the region, and many comment on how warm the welcome is from the Bilton Grange community. At the end of each day, at pick up time at Pre-Prep, tea and coffee is served, enabling parents to stop and chat, whilst waiting for the children to come out of class. This initiative has been praised by many of our current parents, many of them new to the school, and cited as being a good way to meet people within and outside of their children’s classes. Further up the school, in the Prep department, parents and some staff members gather for Saturday morning bacon butties at drop off and for match teas throughout the week.  Match teas are hugely popular and are a fun way to occupy yourself whilst waiting for your child to get changed!

Parents love popping into the new Conservatory throughout the week to have a coffee from the fabulous coffee machine, entertain younger children whilst waiting for Prep children or check for second-hand uniform bits they need. Annual events like the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, Bonfire & Fireworks Party and the Headmaster’s Summer Ball all also provide great opportunities to gather together and see friends from across our BG community.

Whilst these initiatives are offered by Bilton Grange, a number of additional events and efforts are provided by FAB, and some Bilton Grange parents offer or participate in many activities open to our community at various times during the school year; including the famous Bilton Faders Dads’ Hockey and Cricket teams; the popular Pilates, Swimming, Saturday morning Fitness and Dance classes; regular Tennis instruction and many more—all usually taking place within our beautiful school grounds.

Parents across the school play an important role in school life, and there are many opportunities to be involved, or just to enjoy the social network that being a parent at Bilton Grange brings!