Farrant DT Award



This DT challenge was successfully launched in 2018, supported by Mr Malcom Farrant (OB) who wanted to inspire girls and boys in the School to be creative and think ‘outside the box’. He very kindly offered this award to the School and DT department, and we are very grateful to him for his support, knowledge, expertise and passion for this great subject.

The concept of this award is to allow any BG pupil the chance to research, design, manufacture and then present their project to a panel after half-term in November 2021. There are no boundaries and candidates can explore all aspects and areas of this fantastic subject. However, to help get them started, students might like to consider one the follow projects:

  • An upcycling project (taking something old or broken and giving it a new function)
  • Identifying a problem, and designing and creating a solution
  • A graphics project
  • A prototype or modelling project/concept
  • 3D prototype which is a printed or concept project
  • Creating a concept game or skill
  • Developing a product to support children’s learning

This award is about showing the whole journey from start to finish. There should be a portfolio of work which should be done on computer and I suggest using 2D design and PowerPoint or Publisher to present the project on A3 e-sheets. It must include:

  • Introduction (A brief or outline of the indented project)
  • Research around the chosen project
  • Development of ideas and concepts
  • Diary of the journey (photos and notes)
  • Final Design
  • Final project
  • Evaluation

Finally, it is worth keeping the record of what you have done and learnt as part of your design journey. Please keep in touch and drop us a line at any time if you need some help or advice. Our e-mail is: dt@biltongrange.co.uk

The closing date for this competition is Saturday 6th November 2021


Good luck!

Mr Tovey