Friends at Bilton

Friends at Bilton

FAB are a group of parents who volunteer to run social events for parents and children and to organise fundraising and social events for parents and children at the school.

Monies raised go towards specific projects (such as recently renovating the organic garden) or running free events for the children to enjoy.

We put all our news and events up on Classlist. It’s a free, safe, secure online community for the school where you can post questions and message other parents in your child’s class or year group. It’s really useful for tracking down lost jumpers, organising play dates and checking the homework.

Please fill out the form below so we can invite you to Classlist. Send it back to us via the school office and we’ll email you an invite to Classlist or email Then you can get chatting with the other parents and we’ll be able to invite you to our upcoming events.

If you have any questions about Classlist please email Lou (, one of our FAB chairs and she’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!