Performing Arts Enrolment Form

Music and Speech & Drama Tuition for New Pupils

Additional Music or Speech & Drama tuition is available from Year 2 onwards. Please complete the form below if you would like to enrol your son or daughter.

Lessons continue until notice to terminate is received in writing in accordance with the conditions available for download here

Music tuition is charged at £190.00 per term for nine lessons of thirty minutes (twenty-seven taught over the course of the academic year), although the number of lessons taught in each term varies according to the length of the term.

Speech & Drama tuition is charged at: Prep: £162.00 per term for nine lessons of thirty minutes (duo) or 20 minutes (solo). Pre-Prep: £148.50 per term for nine lessons of 30 minutes (duo) or 15 minutes (solo)

Please read our Terms and Conditions 2021-22 before requesting lessons.

Should you experience any difficulties, please email

Choose from the drop down list. If your child is a new starter or you are unsure of their form, please choose 'unknown'
Select your first choice of study. At Pre-Prep, only Cello, Clarinet, Cornet, Drum Kit, Eb Horn, Euphonium, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Recorder and Violin are available.
Please indicate if you would like more than 27 lessons should this total be reached before the end of the Summer term, or if you do not want any extra lessons.