FAB is a committee established in 1999 as an informal, voluntary organisation made up of parents from all year groups across the school. It organises many events every term. Parents are welcome to participate in any way—from helping out at book fairs, digging in the Organic Garden, creating flyers for events or just breaking out their dance moves by attending a family disco!

Last year, FAB volunteers offered the following:

Coffee mornings, Pre-Prep Christmas Party, Wine and Cheese Evening, Pre-loved Dress Sale, Christmas Fair, Pimms Tents at Sports Days, Pre-Prep Autumn Fair, Quiz and Curry Night, Pre-Prep Summer Event, Prep Christmas Ball, Family Movies Disco and the Prep Summer Fair Fathers’ BBQ

Click here to see some photos from previous FAB events that have helped make lasting memories and friendships for our BG Community. These events and other efforts like personalised event tea towel & t-shirt sales as well as the Easy Fundraising account have enabled FAB to help provide the funds for the Pre-Prep professional theatre lighting, Prep Gallery sofas, Conservatory furniture and coffee facilities, Lunar Mission One participation for all pupils, Christmas Entertainer for Pre-Prep children, and a Learning Support iPad. It doesn’t matter how much or how little time you have to offer, FAB welcomes each and every parent’s participation.

Your Elected FAB Committee Officers

Chair: Louise Brander

Louise is mum to children in both Pre-Prep and Prep.

Co-Chair: Darren Swords

Darren is dad to children in both Pre-Prep and Prep.

Treasurer: Anup Sodhi

Anup is dad to children in both Pre-Prep and Prep.

Secretary:  Position to be filled.

FAB’s elected officers are to uphold the mission, which is to provide a variety of fun, extra-curricular activities throughout the year, working in close relationship with the Headmaster for the benefit of BG Community. Though FAB’s primary aim is to bring BG families together, when profits are generated from events/efforts, these funds are directed to the Bilton Grange Foundation, the school’s fundraising committee to support the Headmaster’s Wish List.  Donations are also made to local community charities.


Class Co-ordinators

Each class has a FAB Class Co-ordinator (previously called Representatives) whose main role is to welcome new parents into the BG community. In addition, these invaluable volunteers:

-maintain a class contact list to aid parents in organising birthday parties or play dates,

-keep you informed of upcoming events so you don’t miss out,

-arrange class or year group socials, coffee mornings, nights out, etc. and

-if desired, organise and collect for holiday or end-of-year teacher appreciation gifts.


If you would like to be your Class Co-ordinator or would like more information, please email FAB@BiltonGrange.co.uk.   Those expressing interest will be nominated at the upcoming September FAB Meeting.