Ethos & Aims


“To be a learning community in which children can develop their full potential, discover their talents, grow as individuals and as members of society and above all be inspired to aspire.”


To provide a truly outstanding educational experience for all our pupils whatever their abilities and aptitudes.

To nurture children, enabling them to develop to their full potential and building a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.

To prepare our pupils for the life that lies ahead – academically, emotionally, morally and spiritually.

To foster in all our pupils a confidence without arrogance and a respect for all those around them.

To be a school community that is open, happy and friendly, welcoming all and judging none.

To give pupils the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the life of the school and the wider world.

To provide a safe, friendly and fun boarding environment in which children can develop their independence and social confidence.

In the idyllic setting of Bilton Grange, to encourage a love of nature and a respect for the environment…

…and to create happy memories of school days with friends for life.