Headmaster’s Welcome

Bilton Grange is a magical place: a place of learning, a source of lifelong memories and above all somewhere children want to be.

Whether you are looking to board, or join us as a day pupil, our unique Pugin architecture, our hundred acres of woodland and open space and our facilities are the perfect theatre of dreams for children to be enthusiastic, energised and inquisitive learners, and in amongst all the fun and bustle of life in a rural prep school, serious work also gets done. We prepare our children gradually and carefully for each step along their learning journey which for many of them will be the Common Entrance or Scholarship exams in order to progress to Rugby School (of which Bilton Grange is a part), or to other public schools or, for a few, the Warwickshire 11+ process. Our recent record of scholarship success speaks not only for the quality of teaching and learning but also for the determination and commitment of our pupils and the support of our parents: all three sides of this triangle are necessary to get this high level of success. However, at this age it’s not all about exams: good learning habits, an attention to detail, the ability to work independently and collaboratively are some of the most vital skills we can pass on to the children in our care.

Bilton Grange is a vibrant and welcoming community. Parents pop in and out, walking their dogs around the grounds, enjoying a Saturday morning bacon sandwich or afternoon tea; families support our sports matches in large numbers, with drama and music performances equally well attended and anticipated.

So then, you have a chance to look around our school virtually and at your leisure. What next? If you want the very best start for your child which can open many doors and shuts none, please do come and look around the School for real. A happy school with happy children awaits you and, as a parent of a child at the School myself, I promise that in everything we do for our pupils, we want nothing but the best, just like you do.

Alex Osiatynski

From September 2021, we will welcome Gareth Jones as the new Head of Bilton Grange.

Currently Headmaster of St Andrew’s Prep School in Eastbourne, Gareth has held senior positions at the Dragon School in Oxford including Director of Sport and Housemaster, before becoming Headmaster at St Andrew’s six years ago. He read English, with History, before taking his PGCE in Primary Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.

With more than 20 years of prep school experience and enthusiasm, and a passion for developing the whole child, Gareth shares the values and ethos that make Bilton Grange a leading co-educational day and boarding prep school that is so popular with parents.

He will take up residence at Bilton Grange with his wife Jemma, who is a teacher and an England Masters hockey player, and their children Ava, Jacob and Darcie.