Pre-Prep pupils need to be in school by 8.40am; form teachers are in classrooms from 8.20am but children can be dropped off from 8am for our ‘Early Birds’ session, which is free of charge.

Upon arrival at school, children might be heard to read or continue with a project or task that was started earlier in the week.  The atmosphere is calm and purposeful, with form teachers on hand to have a quick chat with parents if needed. Class sizes are purposely kept small to ensure that all pupils receive appropriate levels of support and attention.

Assembly takes place in the Pre-Prep Hall and is a chance to re-emphasise the values and moral code by which we all aspire to live our lives. Friday is a celebration assembly, when the Headmaster also awards the coveted Best Effort Cups and other certificates from the week’s various achievements in and out of school.

After a morning of lessons, with a snack and playtime mid morning, children will enjoy a home cooked meal before going outside to enjoy a longer break time.  In the safe and secure playground environment, complete with swings and scooters, children play together, supervised by staff and gap students.

Afternoon lessons take place until approximately 3.30pm, at which point our youngest children are ready to go home.  Staggered pick up times for each year group follow, with our Year 3 children picked up at 4pm.

After School

As children come through Pre-Prep and better able to cope with the demands of a longer day, more activities are offered.  Ballet, horse riding, sports coaching and chess are all on offer for those that choose.  When pupils reach Year 3, we gently encourage them to extend their day a little further to finish at 5pm, with a variety of after school clubs.  Currently, some of the options open to our Year 3 children include cookery club, football, culture club and drama, and the majority participate.

We recognise that for working parents, after school care is a necessity, not an optional extra, and it is important that for these children this is not a compromise.  Both early birds club in the morning and the very popular after-school ‘Den’ offer children a happy, enjoyable environment to be with their friends.  The afterschool provision runs until 6pm, with a healthy hot meal served at 5pm for those that wish to have tea.  There is a staggered charging system for the after school activities and tea.