Physical Education lessons are taught separately to Games lessons. All pupils in school from Reception to Year 8 receive a double lesson of 1 hour and 10 minutes of P.E. per week.

Our P.E. timetable follows a progressive programme of study that incorporates activities different to the major games such as gymnastics, health and fitness and badminton to name a few. The progressive structure ensures that pupils at the younger ages develop core skills such as balance, co-ordination, core strength, flexibility, mental focus and discipline. These core skills develop further into a greater understanding of why physical activity and exercise benefit the individual as they age and enter the world.


Swimming is allocated half of the time in the P.E. programme and is taught for half of the term in our own 25 metre pool that has recently been refurbished. The aim is that every pupil can swim 50 metres without resting by the end of their time here. The key skills taught include: Water comfort, breathing control, floating, kicking, arm action and strokes – front crawl, sidestroke, breast stroke, backstroke and butterfly and lifesaving techniques.