We need to collect and retain this information in connection with our legal duty of care to keep your child safe. We will share this information with relevant staff to the extent necessary only. Please see our Privacy Notices here for further information about how we process you and your child’s data.
Please indicate if your child has identified needs or SEN in any of the following areas.
The following documents would be very useful in order to support your application to Bilton Grange and to give a fuller picture of your child’s needs. You may have some of these. Please attach a copy of any that you do have. (Other supporting documents may also be very helpful, if not on the list) ✓ Annual review meeting ✓ Specialist assessment ✓ Educational Psychologist’s report ✓ Child Psychologist or paediatrician’s letter ✓ Most recent school report ✓ Learning Support or SEN teacher’s report
Any documents copied to us will be used only for the purposes of this application and will be confidential.