The View From My Study – 15th September

Mother Teresa once said, “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

If we want to achieve and be successful, it often helps if we work together. Teamwork, alongside personal ambition, has very much been the theme over these first two weeks. The rugby world cup has been a useful reference point because even for those who are less familiar with the game, it has been hard not to notice the passion, commitment, respect and teamwork on display from nations all across the world.

In rugby, players of all shapes and sizes come together with different attributes and different roles. How well they harmonise determines the success of the team as a whole. We have seen players who are 6ft 10” being tackled by opponents over a foot shorter or behemoths weighing in at over 23 stone being repelled by unity in the opposition defence. Personal courage and collective organisation on display to great effect for the team!

Last week’s Middle School team-building afternoon was a great initiative that has sparked, I hope, a collaborative year ahead for those children. They learnt the importance of clear and effective communication; of planning and patience instead of rushing to the finish line; of listening to other ideas before committing to one’s own; and of the need for encouragement and appreciation.

As this term gathers pace, and the pupils are busily re-affirming friendships as well as establishing new ones, it is important they remember the importance of taking collective responsibility for their school and the community around them. We want each pupil to be a ‘somebody’ rather than leaving things for ‘somebody else’ to do.

HM’s Breakfast will be served as usual from 8.15am tomorrow and the first FAB meeting of the year will start from 8.45am. All parents are invited to both events.

Good luck to those playing in the rugby tournament tomorrow – I look forward to seeing the teamwork in action!

Have a good weekend!

Gareth Jones, Headmaster

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