Ethos & Values

The primary aim of Bilton Grange is to provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment in which children can discover their talents, develop their potential, contribute to the community and lead happy, fulfilled lives.

To achieve this, our broad aims can be summed up as follows:

  • To provide a truly outstanding educational experience for all pupils that fosters excellence, breadth, a love of learning and a sense of fun
  • To develop children with strong moral and intellectual character which is informed by spirituality, shaped by practice and celebrated by community
  • To be a community which promotes equity, diversity and inclusion in a culture of respect and acknowledgement where each child is valued for what he or she can offer
  • To encourage minds that are global in their outlook, resilient, reflective and willing to contribute to the world around them
  • To attract, develop and retain exceptional staff who are restless in their commitment to the children and transformational in their teaching

Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens. Boarders’ views are actively encouraged, and their opinions and concerns are appropriately considered by staff

ISI Compliance Inspection Report

The BG Character – intellect + virtue

We seek to acknowledge the pupils rather than judge and we want every child to feel valued for what he or she can offer. By treating children as individuals with particular interests, strengths and needs, not only do they achieve personal success but they also learn to be open, honest, reflective and ambitious. And they develop their character.

We believe there are two elements to one’s character – intellectual capacity and a virtuous heart. Through consultation with both staff and pupils we have selected five values that we believe every Biltonian should represent:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Positivity
  • Commitment

These values form the backbone of our culture and are reinforced at every opportunity.

Bilton Grange Learner Profile

Through our Bilton Grange Learner Profile, we seek to embed some core learning habits which will make our pupils more effective thinkers and enable them to adopt the correct attitudes, skills, knowledge and values.

From the earliest stages of learning, the children are encouraged to recognise the requirements needed to tackle certain tasks so that their efforts are natural rather than forced. When they learn, we want Biltonians to be:

  • Communicative
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient
  • Versatile
  • Enquiring
  • Reflective
  • Globally-minded

Our children leave us as well-rounded individuals with an education in the truest sense of the word. Their strong academic grounding coupled with a range of enhanced skills and interests is the perfect foundation from which to specialise at senior school.

15 May

Green Fingers win the Royal Horticultural Society award

Green Fingers win the Royal Horticultural Society award
07 May

Cryptics Cricket Club XI and OB/BG Invitational XI to play as part of 150 celebrations

Cryptics Cricket Club XI and OB/BG Invitational XI to play as part of 150 celebrations
03 May

Final chance for BG150 Summer Ball Tickets

Final chance for BG150 Summer Ball Tickets

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