School Life

A day at Bilton Grange is a busy and fulfilled one for our pupils, whether they are learning new things in the classroom, playing sport or creating art, design and music.

Our pupils, with strong pastoral support from caring Bilton Grange staff, learn even beyond the classrooms, laboratories and pitches, developing into balanced and resilient individuals, equipped to deal with the wider world around them. Whether on a school trip to locations near and far, or through our Learning4Life programme, pupils develop a robust sense of self-care and well-being, they enjoy passion for their subjects and throw themselves in to exploration both in the classroom and out in our grounds. On top of this, the variety of clubs and activities on offer after the School day has finished, is designed to encourage our pupils to try something new, stretch their wings and discover what motivates them and uncover hidden talents. It is our hope that pupils will leave Bilton Grange as confident, balanced and inquisitive young people who look forward to the years of creating and learning ahead of them.