Our Food

We pride ourselves on the quality of our catering and hospitality arrangements.

Our menus are designed to provide the right balance of recommended daily intakes for children between the ages of 4 and 13 – tasty home cooked food reflecting the changing seasons. We have snacks/fruit between meals during the day, and before bed for boarders.

We do not use any nuts or nut based products. We use minimal amounts of added salt, and instead use stocks and herbs to add depth and flavour. Whenever possible we use locally sourced foods from local suppliers.

At Bilton Grange we recognise and understand special diets and food allergies for individual children. This may mean slight tweaks to the existing menu, or in some cases, a bespoke meal. We ensure that a vegetarian and wheat free option is available at each service. Our Catering Manager has compiled an allergen register which is updated regularly and is available for viewing and our allergen statement is displayed in the Catering Department.

Fresh fruit is available at every service and all vegetables are steamed to retain as much of the goodness as possible. A comprehensive salad bar is available at lunch time, with a smaller salad selection available at tea.