Learning Support

The Learning Development department at Bilton Grange aims to give those pupils with mild learning difficulties the opportunity to reach their full potential. Every child is different and will have different needs– some may need an intensive burst of support with no further intervention, others may need longer term ongoing support, perhaps involving other outside experts.

With a team of experienced TAs and specialist 1:1 teachers, the Learning Development Department have a broad range of resources available to support children needing extra intervention, and this can be delivered in different ways. The Learning Development Department currently offers in-class TA support for core subjects, literacy enrichment classes as part of the Saturday enrichment programme, small group withdrawal lessons in lieu of Classics and 1:1 lessons.

Working in partnership with subject staff and parents, pupils are identified as needing additional support and an individualised learning plan is developed by the Head of Learning Development and SENCO, which is regularly reviewed throughout a child’s time at Bilton Grange, ensuring that all staff support learning in every class or activity. Engaging children in learning, and working with them to create strategies and approaches that bolster both their confidence and their results, are key to long term success and enthusiasm.

As children progress through the school and their needs change, we work with parents to recommend and decide upon the best senior school which fits the child’s needs. We do not have a ‘one-size fit’ for all our children and it is essential senior school’s entrance requirements are matched appropriately to the child and that the senior school can provide the support the child needs towards their best outcomes in their further education. The broad curriculum at Bilton Grange ensures that every child has a chance to shine and to discover hidden talents, which in turn brings them great confidence and maturity: key characteristics that ensures that, with the right strategies and support in place, they can go in to the wider world to do well.