The View From My Study – 9th June

When the sun is shining, everyone feels just a little bit lighter and everything looks glorious. Indeed the BG site does look superb at the moment and that is largely because our brilliant groundstaff work so hard to care for the lawns, fields, trees and plants. Looking after the environment does not just happen; it requires effort. And that has been the focus of our inaugural environmental week over these last few days: let’s work together to look after our planet.

This has been a brilliant initiative led by Mrs Staddon-Davis who runs our Eco Committee. Class lessons have taken on an environmental theme and there have been off-timetable activities too, some for cross year group collaboration and some for children to work more closely with their peers. On Monday, for instance, it was heartening to see the 4th and 5th Formers guiding and helping younger children from Pre-Prep as they looked for organisms to study in their Nature Journals. Mr Davis has challenged the pupils all week with some eco orienteering challenges around the grounds. And this morning, the collaborative and creative spirit was in full flow at the Trashion Show which was showcased outside on the South Lawns. Who knew that Mrs Gillan was so experienced on the catwalk?

Yesterday, we welcomed Sarah Roberts, author, animal behaviourist and eco journalist, who ran a series of workshops for the children, focusing on ‘Climate Confidence’. Sarah educated the children on the basics of climate change, how the global agenda is changing, ways in which we can drive more sustainable actions and what we each can do to make a difference. She was impressed by the pupils’ enthusiasm.

A standalone environmental week is no good if we do not follow things up so our Eco Committee will continue to bang the drum for us each to take action in caring for the environment. Reducing the use of plastics, not wasting paper, turning off the tap when brushing one’s teeth, picking up litter from the beach – these are all easy things we each can do and they will make a difference. After this week, I am sure the children will remember that!

It is Sports Day tomorrow so no bacon butties I’m afraid, but there will be refreshments available during the event. We also have OB cricket and rounders matches in the afternoon and the White Lights in the Woods party in the evening with over 210 guests. I look forward to seeing you at at least one of these events.

Gareth Jones, Headmaster

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