High Flyers

Although the school caters for a wide range of abilities, it also has a strong tradition of enabling talented pupils to excel and successfully win scholarships to top senior schools.

The diversity of the education at Bilton Grange can be seen in the variety of these scholarships. In recent years, pupils have achieved Music, Drama, Design Technology, Sport and Academic awards, as well as all-rounder scholarships that recognise excellence in more than one area and leadership qualities.

Throughout their time in the school the progress of each child is carefully tracked and any emerging talents are recognised at an early stage. In the Pre-Prep a creative and open curriculum ensures able pupils are stretched and start to develop higher order thinking skills so they reach their full potential. In addition, specialist teaching in areas such as musicsport and the arts mean that talented pupils are given opportunities to develop their skills.

As pupils move on to the Prep specialist teaching in all areas continues the excellent work of the Pre-Prep. Each subject area not only identifies children with a real talent in that subject but also sets out how best to nurture these skills. As children move on to the upper part of the Prep, talented pupils are invited to join the ‘High Flyer’ groups that operate in the various scholarship areas. Whilst these extra sessions prepare children for the various demands and tests of scholarship assessment, they also provide a deeper insight into the specialist area with the aim of inspiring a life-long passion.