Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries


The Scholarships and Bursary Awards Process will soon be accepting applications from candidates wishing to join Bilton Grange in September 2022.

Scholarship Awards

Academic and Multi-disciplinary Scholarships are available and are awarded through a process of competition and solely on merit. The awards attract a 5% fee discount, and if needed the discount can be augmented up to 100% of day or boarding fees via access to further means-tested bursarial support. Pupils in receipt of a scholarship award should have great pride in their achievement and are expected to continue to contribute widely to the school and at a consistent level throughout their time as a scholar. Scholarship enquiries should contact

Foundation Awards – Year 7 Entry

Foundation Awards are aimed at widening access to a Bilton Grange and Rugby School education to children currently enrolled at local primary schools. The process is open to children who live within 20 miles of Rugby School. Foundation Awards are granted for entry into either Year 7 at Bilton Grange or Year 9 at Rugby School. The Award allows parents to access means-tested bursary support up to 100% of fees for a day pupil.

Foundation Award applicants for Year 7 entry should apply directly to Rugby School to take part in a process which will include assessment papers in English, Mathematics and Reasoning and an interview. In addition, we will ask applicants to complete a short interview questionnaire prior to arrival and request a reference from their current school.

At the same time parents should apply for means-tested bursary support towards fees using the Confidential Statement of Financial Circumstances form, which must be completed and submitted by the closing date for applications. The bursary application form should be requested from

If your child has performed well in the assessments and you are eligible for significant means-tested bursary support towards fees your child will be considered for a Foundation Award.

Exceptional Means-tested Bursary Support – Year 4 to Year 6 Entry

Only in very exceptional circumstances will means-tested bursary support be available to pupils from Year 4 to Year 6 and, in line with other awards, their continuation on the scheme would be subject to annual progress assessments. Please contact the Bilton Grange Admissions Office separately in this instance.


Applications should be made by: 10th December 2021

Assessments will take place on: 3rd February 2022

Applicants for Year 7 Foundation Award should contact Becky Witcomb at Rugby School on or 01788 556267.

Year 9

Foundation Award applicants for Year 9 should contact Rugby School directly.