Fees are per term, and there are three terms in a year. We ask that termly fees are paid in full in advance of the first day of term. Parents can choose to pay fees on a monthly basis via direct debit, at no additional cost.

Please call the Registrar on 01788 818246 for further details on sibling and HM Forces discounts.

In Pre-Prep the School fees include all snacks and school lunches. Wrap around care, including an evening meal, is available in Pre-Prep at an additional charge.

From Year 4 in Prep, there is no such thing as wrap around care. All meals, including breakfast and tea if desired, are included in the fee, and our latest usual pick up time for day children is 7.30pm after Options although later collections, as well as early-morning drop-off, can be arranged; again there are no extra charges for this. Our extensive Options programme takes place after tea on most days and with the exception of a few choices, for example horse riding, the majority of options are included within the School fees. A full listing of fees and charges may be found here: Fees and charges 2019-20.

Pre-Prep fees per term from 1 September 2019

Reception ~ £3,460

Year 1 ~ £3,750

Year 2 ~ £3,875

Year 3 ~ £4,150

Preparatory fees per term from 1 September 2019

Year 4 Juniors ~ £5,890

Year 5 Thirds ~ £5,890

Year 6 Fourths ~ £6,675

Year 7 Fifths ~ £6,675

Year 8 Sixth~ £6,675

Flexi-Boarder ~ £49.00/night

Weekly Boarder ~ £8,435

Full Boarder ~ £9,095