Global Consent Form

Consent form for School Trips and other on and off site activities


This consent form is valid for the period of time your child attends Bilton Grange. Please sign and date the form below if you are happy for your child: To take part in school trips and other activities which take place off the school premises. To be given first aid or urgent medical treatment during any school trip or activity.

Please note the following important information before signing this form: The trips and activities covered by this consent include: All trips and visits (including residential trips) which take place during the school holidays or at weekends, or outside the school working hours. Adventure activities at any time. Off-site sporting fixtures outside the school day.

You can, if you wish, tell the school that you do not want your child to take part in a particular school trip or activity, or any particular category of trips.

Written parental consent will not be requested from you for the majority of off-site activities offered by the school, as such activities are part of the school’s curriculum and usually take place during the normal school day. The school will send you written information about any trips or activities before it takes place. Your explicit consent will be sought for any trip which involves international travel or carries a cost of over £30.00. The cost of any trip or activity costing £30.00 or less will be automatically added to your termly bill.

I have read and understand the arrangements for the consent to school trips and activities. I give consent for my child to participate in such trips, subject to any exceptions as detailed below. I have provided the School Nurse with details about any medical conditions and medication that it is necessary for my child to take (or, if not, shown all relevant medical details below). I agree to trips costing £30.00 or less, being automatically added to my termly bill.