Pre-Prep Curriculum

The core subjects are at the heart of what we do in the Pre-Prep. Developing a love of reading and writing and confidence with basic numeracy are the foundations upon which all future learning will be built upon. We prioritise English and maths in the timetable, ensuring that children have the time and support they need to develop these essential skills. Maths begins from a very practical basis and as children progress they are increasingly encouraged to use and apply their knowledge in problem solving situations. Phonics is taught daily in the Early Years, and synthetic phonics, alongside reading for meaning, forms the basis of our reading programme. Whilst we do teach spelling rules and grammar, we aim to do this in a way which encourages a love of language and imaginative and creative writing skills. Our experienced Teaching Assistants work alongside our teachers to ensure that every child is able to make progress. Small group and individual interventions are used both to help children consolidate and reinforce what has been taught, as well as to broaden and stretch the skills and knowledge of our more able learners.

Much of our teaching is managed through a topic based approach, covering science, history, geography and RE. Year 3 study ‘Space’ in the Lent Term; they write creatively about voyages to space and create their own alien characters, learn about the ‘Space Race’, study the planets using ICT to research their key features, stay late into the evening for ‘moon and star’ study sessions using telescopes and digital viewers and their topic culminates in an unforgettable day at the National Space Centre.  Many year groups also embrace themed topic weeks. Year 1’s Castles Week sees them dressing up for a medieval feast and visiting Warwick Castle, whilst Year 2’s Chocolate Week (including a Roald Dahl study, baking, chocolate maths and a visit to Cadbury’s World) is a firm favourite!

Breadth of curriculum is a real strength of the Bilton Grange offering and this begins right at the earliest stages. Outdoor Learning, ICT, French, dance, PE, games, swimming, art, DT and music, taught by specialist staff, all form a rich diet of experiences for our pupils. This breadth of opportunity builds confidence that allows them to approach all new experiences positively.