We know how important good quality pre- and post-school care is to many parents. The Den is our Pre-Prep after School club set within the heart of the Pre-Prep building and with meals provided by the Pre-Prep catering team.


Before School

Children must be in their classrooms for registration by 8.40 each morning. Parents can either drop them off in their classrooms from 8.20, or choose to drop off at 8am via the Pre Prep entrance. Either way, there is no charge for any morning pre-school care.

After School

The Pre-Prep has staggered finish times for the various year groups. As the children get older they can also access our after School clubs which typically run from 4-5pm. For Year One this may include chess and ballet, by Year Two this can also include horse riding, by Year Three the list expands and may include Speech and Drama, and many activities run by school staff and possibly also some outside agencies.

The Den is our after school club and it operates two phases of after school care. End of School until 5pm during which time children are offered a drink and biscuit and have the opportunity to play outside in our gardens or undertake activities provided by the Den Staff. Alternatively they may choose to stay until 6pm when they will be given a hot tea.

Once pupils reach Y3, we believe they are ready for a longer day and there is the option for them to stay and do activities which are in addition to the normal school curriculum  until 5pm at the School. There is generally no charge for this supervised session unless specific extra staff or materials are required. If a Year 3 child is in school after 4pm then they are expected to join an activity rather than be in after school care. From 5pm , after the hot tea, year 3 children return to the Den staff for the remainder of the time they in school.