Pre-Prep Sport

Sport and PE are an important part of school life in Pre-Prep.

Reception and Year 1 have a PE lesson and a dance lesson during the week, and Year 1 also have a swimming lesson in the school pool once a week.

From Year 1 Pre-Prep PE sessions are lead by our Head of PE, who begins by teaching the basics of gymnastics and athletics – teaching skills to encourage pupils to develop their co-ordination and agility skills. At this age, the focus is on fun, whilst always developing the foundations to participate safely and enjoyably in PE and Sport as they grow up.

As they progress through the Pre-Prep into Year 2, the children are taught the key techniques of the main team games the school plays – hockey, netball, rugby and cricket. Beginning to focus on the correct skills, together with learning the etiquette of competitive matches, equips the children to participate in their first competitive fixtures in Year 3.

Sports Days are a highlight of Pre-Prep, and from the earliest days of egg and spoon to the closely fought competition of the relay in Year 3, parents and children enjoy this important annual fixture where good sportsmanship and success are celebrated.